Playback theatre is a world-wide movement with many ways to connect.

Look in local listings for a performance near you. You can also check out the map on the home page of this site, which lists many of the playback theatre performing companies around the world.

Join a conference or gathering, which take place on the regonal, national, and international level. The next world conference will take place in Frankfurt, Germany in 2011. For info about this conference, click here.

Become a member of  the international network of playback theatre practitioners and fans. It is called the International Playback Theatre Network.

Take a class. Training in Playback Theatre is offered by the Centre of Playback Theatre in New York, its affiliated programs around the world, and by other senior practitioners. For more info, click here.

You can also join the conversation by adding your comment to any of the posts on this site.

Subscribe. Add yourself to the email list of the Centre for Playback Theatre by typing your address into the form at the bottom of this page. Specific questions can also be addressed to the Centre at 1914-246-0028. Or send us an email.